The Competition

MATE ROV Competition

The MATE ROV Competition is an international competition by the American organization MATE II (Marine Advanced Technology Education for Inspiration and Innovation). It is about small teams of students from all over the world designing and constructing an underwater robot (ROV) with which they have to solve several tasks at the competition. These tasks always refer to real-world problems, which are just scaled down for the competition. The international finals take place in a different American city every year. But before, there is a regional preliminary round in which we as a German team do not have to participate because the next venue is too far away. Instead, we must qualify for the international finals with a video in which you can see our ROV performing specific tasks underwater. 


There are four different competition classes to address as much students as possible: SCOUT, NAVIGATOR, RANGER and EXPLORER. In SCOUT class, already elementary school students can participate while performing less development work. We as a team participate in RANGER class. The highest level, EXPLORER class, is mainly designed for universities.


The teams of the students should be structured like a small company and are told to do more than just the development of their ROV. It is also assessed whether they are able to present the ROV in English in front of experts. Furthermore, they have to, among other things, expound how they have constructed their ROV in several documents. Of course, they have to consider their ROV's safety as well.


The mission of MATE II is to use marine engineering to challenge students to use science, technology and engineering as well as mathematics. This requires a lot of critical thinking, teamwork, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our participations in the competition

In 2018, we already participated with our second ROV in the international competition in Tahoma (Washington, USA), near Seattle, as the only German team. We started to design this ROV in 2017. Unfortunately, we had some problems with the tightness of our enclosure at the competition. So, our electronics was damaged and we couldn't dive with our ROV properly.


In 2019 we started to prepare our third ROV and we wanted to participate with it in the competition again. Due to the corona pandemic, 2020's competition was cancelled. Furthermore, our work at the ROV was delayed extremely because of the restrictions.


Currently, we are still developing our third ROV.


You can find information about the history of our team right here.

The tasks of the competition

On the right-hand side you can see an animated video of MATE II showing the tasks of our competition class RANGER for 2020 and 2021. The main aspect of these tasks is environment protection, so that removing plastic pollution from the seas was simulated for example.

Further information concerning the competition is available on the organization's website: