ROV Mark I

Our first attempt to construct an ROV (2016–17)

Photos and videos

The whole setup

Development of the ROV

Due to the fact that this was our first ROV, which means we had no experience in underwater robotics, the development was mainly founded on trying and improvising. For instance, we converted a coffee tin into our watertight enclosure which protects all the electronics. In the following you can see the results of the development.

In this picture you can see our ROV, some of the electronics, which will be placed inside the enclosure later on and a power supply as well as a usual screen. All this components will be used for operating and controlling the ROV.

Here you can see how we wired all the electrical components. The bigger circuit board in the background is a Raspberry Pi, a small single-board computer. We use it for controlling our ROV. Then you can see a small gripper in the left part of the picture which is also required for the tasks of the competition.

This is our ROV in the final version from its rear view. One important thing we have to consider is that the cables leaving the enclosure at the back do not impair its tightness.