About us

We are a working group called G-Karere from the Walter-Lübcke-Schule Wolfhagen, Germany. Our goal is to design and build a fully-working underwater robot (ROV) on our own and to take part in an international competition in the USA with it. During our project we learn much about the technical requirements we need for our ROV as well as how we can organize ourselves best in the team.

The team

Our team consists of students from our school and can change every school year. We're structured like a small company with several departments which is required for the competition.

Our team is being restructured at the moment. That's why our current participants aren't listed here so far.

Mr. Eckhard



Mr. Müller


The departments and offices

Management coordination of the team
Mechanical Engineering constructing and building the ROV
3D Engineering designing and printing individual components with our 3D printer
Software Engineering developing resp. programming the software for the ROV
Documentation elaborating documents which explain the ROV
Website maintaining and updating this website
Sponsoring communication with sponsors
CEO* head of the team and press spokesperson
Vice CEO deputy of the CEO
Head head of a department
Assistant assistant in a department
Junior junior in a department

*CEO: Chief Executive Officer


This project was originally introduced on our school by Mr. Prinz at the end of 2016. In June 2017 we could finish our first ROV. Due to several small problems, e.g. with the tightness of the waterproof enclosure, we could not meet the deadline despite many hours on the weekends and during vacation we spent.


You can find information on our participations in the competition and further ROVs here in the second paragraph.

Press releases

The local television and the local newspapers already reported on our project several times. Thanks to the teams who made this possible. Unfortunately, all of that material is in German. If you want to view it anyway, click here to go to our German website.